Privacy Policy

We highly respect your privacy. Rest assured that your information will not be shared with anyone.

The team of values all the personal information shared onsite. They do not divulge, post, share, barter, or sell any of it to any third party vendor or company. The personal information they gather onsite are all kept in full confidentiality.

The Kinds Of Personal Information Gathered Onsite

Just like any other website, gathers information from all its visitors. The website is able to do this thru the use of tracking cookies. On some websites, the tracking cookies even provide a form to be filled up by the visitor. This entails the visitors to share more information about them.

In the case of 95Box,com, the tracking cookies do not provide any kind of form to be filled out. But nonetheless, they are able to gather information like IP addresses, time spent on the website, and pages visited. Such information is used solely to profile the visitors that go on the website. It is important to note that the information gathered from the tracking cookies is used only to enhance the service provided by the website. It is not used in any other way but that alone.

The tracking cookies can be turned off. By simply checking the cookies box before clearing the browsing data, they are turned off. Once this is done, the browser won’t be able to retrieve and send information to the server of the website.

There are two personal information collected by the Contact Form of the website. In the event that a visitor uses the said form, he or she shares his or her email address and name onsite. Only the names of the visitors are posted online. The email addresses are kept away from the public’s view.

The email addresses will only be used to answer inquiries about the product featured on the website. Under no circumstances will they be used to communicate with a visitor on a regular basis.

It is important to note that has NO access to the information submitted after any of the affiliate links have been clicked.

Notifications Of Changes And Updates

Any changes and updates on the privacy policy of will be posted here. Each and every visitor is required to keep abreast of the latest changes and updates of

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