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Carbonite Server Now Supports Hybrid Backup in Office 365

In case your business uses Office 365, you might be interested to know that Carbonite now supports backup protection for this now. On February 4, 2015, Carbonite announced that its ...

30% OFF Carbonite Offer Code For Business, Home Instant Discount

If you are planning to subscribe to Carbonite, make sure to use the Carbonite offer code featured below for your business or for home use. These offer codes provide instant discounts ...

Gear Up A Remote Workforce With Carbonite Pro

Cost is the bottom line for every business owner. Staying within the budget or better yet, keeping the cost of the daily operations to a minimum is a challenge every small business ...

What Is Hybrid Server Backup And Why Is It Important For Business?

Studies have shown that the cost of business data loss and downtime can be catastrophic for any business, large or small. Hence, backing up critical data to the cloud and to local backup ...

Should You Use Carbonite Server Backup For Your Business?

Some business owners still remain confused as to which Carbonite Business plan to use for their business. Some people have asked us whether the number of their employees would be the ...

Should You Use Carbonite Pro Backup For Your Business?

This is a common question asked by some of our site visitors: Should I use Carbonite Pro for my business? Our answer: It really depends on the number and type of hardware or devices ...

Carbonite Review: Which Business Backup Plan Is Right For You?

If you are looking into using Carbonite backup solutions for your business, you are definitely on the right track. Carbonite is one of the most secure, affordable, and easiest backup ...

Are You Taking Advantage Of Cloud-Based Backup Solutions?

Did you know that 79% of small-business owners are not taking advantage of cloud-based business solutions to make their businesses more productive and disaster-proof? Are you part ...

Carbonite Server Plan Helps To Improve Business Productivity, Save Money and Resources

One of Carbonite’s main missions is to help small- and-medium-sized business (SMB) owners protect their critical business data. In 2013, the company expanded its business product ...

Small Businesses Gain A Competitive Edge With Carbonite

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